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Days of Doughnuts and Beer

Not the most mouth-watering combination, but if I had to sum up the culinary theme of the last week or so, that’s a pretty decent approximation (of course noodles were the staple, but that goes without saying at this point).

Mike and I decided to try and spend an entire month in Vietnam without touching a Lonely Planet. We can use the Internet and maps, but we wanted to get by without purchasing a guide book. There is a sudden freedom that comes with not having to stick to a map, looking for one particular café. It opens you up to discovering new places you might otherwise miss. Like DoCo!

Oddly located on an old-fashioned street filled with silk shops and galleries, this coffee and doughnut shop sticks out like a sore thumb with its bright orange façade.
We weren’t particularly impressed with the doughnut selection at first, until we saw this: the mystery-filled doughnut.

We decided to give it a try. The filling, it turned out, was blueberry. Pretty tasty!
Awhile later our wandering led us to one of Hanoi’s many corner beer shops. For less than 20 cents, you can get a glass of pale, malty beer. Not the greatest I’ve ever had, it still does the job quite nicely, and you can’t argue with the price! Plus, the people-watching at these places is excellent.


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