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Hello, Hanoi!

We’ve only been in Hanoi for about 36 hours, but I’ve already eaten some absolutely amazing food!

Our first meal, obtained from a cart down the street from our hotel, was a kebab sandwich with shredded cabbage, cucumber, onions, and tomato.  These are available all over the city for a little less than a dollar, and they are delicious as well as filling.


Bread is one of my favorite foods, and something I really missed during our time in Thailand.  However, baguettes are cheap and plentiful here! This sandwich features fried eggs with onion and herbs, on a nice crusty roll.  With a cup of strong Vietnamese coffee, it was an amazing breakfast.


I spent a lot of time in Thailand craving cupcakes, but fortunately they are readily available from the bakeries here.  This one was incredibly cute, but the flavor left a little to be desired…



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