CIM: Week 7

PEAK WEEK! I broke my weekly mileage record by one mile, and ran 200 miles in a month for the first time.  I took two rest days, but I think it really helped me get through 57 miles (which is a lot for me) without too many issues.  On Saturday I felt a little achy in my right knee, but by Sunday morning I was good to go for my first 20 miler of this training cycle.

It seems a little early to have my peak week since there are still 5 weeks until the race, but next week will be around 49, and the week after, 52.  Then, taper madness!

Megan recently posted about running more miles, and it made me think about the mileage I’ve been running lately. For my first few marathons, I think I peaked at MAYBE 40 miles a week, with one 20 miler.  I did okay, and I eventually ended up breaking 4 hours on my third try.  But Advanced Marathoning changed everything! When I had a plan all laid out for me, I didn’t really doubt that I could run so many more miles than I was used to.  I was really intimidated by that 55 mile week, but the plan built up to it gradually, and I survived.  Someday in the future, I’d love to try and peak at 70 miles a week…but we’ll see.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 7 miles @ 8:17/mile

Wednesday – AM: Super early 7 mile run with Aron; PM: 5.75 miles

Thursday – rest

Friday – AM: 8 w/ 5 @ 7:18/mile; PM: 4.2 miles

Saturday – 5.25 miles easy

Sunday – 20 miles @ 8:54/mile

Total: 57.2 miles! (October total: 204 miles)

My long run felt sort of like cheating.  I woke up really early, ran to the gym and did 6 miles on the treadmill, ran home to drop off my phone and headlamp, ran a 7 mile loop, then ran the last 5 with Mike and Ellie.  Breaking it up like that made it SO much easier to face, and the last 5 miles ended up being the fastest.

I recovered the best way I know how: with pizza.

I based it on this recipe, but with homemade white crust, canned artichoke hearts rather than fresh, and pizza sauce instead of oil. I don’t use pecorino often enough!


1 Response to “CIM: Week 7”

  1. 1 Kate November 2, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    5 weeks sounds like nothing! But I’m sure it feels like forever for you since you’re the one putting in the miles.

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