San Francisco Half Marathon – 1:42:56

Well, I kind of knew this wasn’t going to be my day.  I think a bunch of things contributed to a crappy race: hardly any sleep the past two nights thanks to Ellie’s disastrous sleep, WAY too much strong coffee on an empty stomach, 3+ hours standing in the cold waiting for my race to start, and going out too fast…

but I KNOW there will be more races and the day still ended up being pretty fun, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

The day started at 2 AM, when Ellie decided it was time to wake up and play.  I tried SO HARD to get her to go back to sleep, but it clearly wasn’t going to happen.  I laughed when my alarm went off at 3:30 because I was already completely awake.

I poured myself a cup of (VERY strong) coffee in a travel mug just as Aron got to my house at 4.  We made it into the city pretty fast and I hung out through the start of the full marathon and first half, ate my bagel, then got on the bus around 6:45.  We got to the park around 7:20, and my wave didn’t start until 8:17.  I was shivering like crazy until I took up residence under a heater with Renee (best amenity EVER, race organizers!)

I ran two laps of Spreckels Lake (.88 miles) at about 8, and felt really strong.  My heart was pounding from all the caffeine but I figured it could work to my advantage.  The second half is funny because it feels so much more casual than the first half/full start.  We kinda just stood around, they said “GO” and we were off.

My little warm-up made me a little over-confident and I went out way too fast.  I felt amazing for the first mile (so very dumb) but by mile 3 it was pretty clear it wasn’t the day to PR.  I pretty much alternated a half mile of feeling good with a half mile of my stomach feeling like a total mess.  At mile 8 I realized that I still had a chance to PR, but shortly after that pretty much everything went to crap and I decided to just try and enjoy the race as much as possible given the state of my stomach.  I’ve never really had a problem like that before, but I’ve also never had so much strong coffee on an empty stomach.   So much for not trying anything new on race day.

The 1:40 pacer passed me not much later and it bummed me out a little bit, but I tried to just enjoy the rest of the race as much as possible (easier said than done).  I was SO glad I wasn’t running the full.

And here is what going out too fast looks like:

I realized a lot of my issue was mental when I picked it up a lot for the last half mile, but that’s something I can work on for the next race.  I just really couldn’t get past the pain in my stomach and it was really distracting (especially since it kept coming and going).

I finished in 1:42:56. Over 3 minutes slower than my PR and nowhere near where I wanted to be.  I’m more okay with it than I thought I would be.  We had a crazy couple of weeks with the move, and Ellie’s two nights of sleep regression (which meant two nights of WAY too little sleep for me) didn’t help, and although it’s ridiculous to make excuses like this, I’m going with it.  Now I’m in search of a fast half that I can run this fall.


5 Responses to “San Francisco Half Marathon – 1:42:56”

  1. 1 Cathryn @ myheartscontent July 30, 2012 at 9:09 am

    Well done, I think it’s an amazing time as I’m so much slower. I always steer clear of coffee on mornings with long runs, it has the same effect on me 🙂

    I ran the first half in 2.04. I was hoping desperately to go sub two but realized quickly that with the hills and the crowd that wouldn’t happen so I was very happy with my 2.04!! It was SO cold in the morning though!

    I’m doing Healdsburg Half on Oct 14th…that’s my hope for sub-two. Would that suit your Autumn Half plans??? Do it!!

  2. 3 LE July 30, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Yeah, your failure to PR is obviously your baby’s fault for not sleeping through the night. Brilliant. How could she be so selfish?

  3. 5 Kate July 30, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    I’m guessing LE doesn’t have any infants in her home, or was one of those moms who didn’t run during the first year of her child’s life and complained about that “baby weight that just wouldn’t fall off!”

    I pretty much gave up on PRs for this year – I’m just proud I’m able to race when I sleep less than 4 hours in a row every night!

    The Silver Strand down here is a really fast half – from what I’ve heard – if you guys want to take a road trip!

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