The Journey

If travel (or life for that matter) really is all about the journey, I think we’re set for awhile. Our flight from Bangkok to Amsterdam (via Amman, Jordan) was scheduled for 12:30 am. We were packed, ready, and sick of sitting in our apartment so we grabbed a cab at around 8:00 pm. Our cab driver was an absolute maniac, weaving and speeding like he was trying out for a part in The Fast and The Furious 5, but he got us to the airport VERY quickly. So quickly that the check-in counter wouldn’t open for another hour and a half.
This part of the airport is a great place to witness the Thai phenomenon known as “the sponsor.” There are quite a few young Thai women partly or fully supported by older white men who spend only part of their time in Thailand. These women usually have other boyfriends (that actually live in Thailand) who reluctantly put up with the fact that every few months, they have to go spend all their time with the man who sends them checks and buys them nice things.
The whole situation is a little strange, but at the airport you see the man, clearly frustrated that he has to return to his mundane life without his (much younger, much more attractive) girlfriend, bidding an emotional farewell to her as she feigns sadness but is really counting the minutes until she can return to the man she actually loves.
I’m not saying all relationships between foreign men and Thai women are like this, but definitely a significant portion. Mike thinks it’s creepy, and I have to say I agree.
Anyway, we finally boarded the plane and landed in Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan nine hours later.

We’re definitely planning on visiting Jordan sometime in the future, but sadly this time we just had a two hour layover and didn’t leave the airport. One thing that kind of struck me was that the flight from the gate next to ours was bound for Iraq. “Last call for flight 505 with service to Baghdad” is not something you hear every day!
Next up was an easy 5 hour flight to Amsterdam, during which we were served this lovely breakfast.
Nothing says “welcome to Europe” like beans and sausage for breakfast.


2 Responses to “The Journey”

  1. 1 rebel May 20, 2009 at 12:16 am

    Wait – I’ve missed something? Where’s your next destination? Are you going to be teaching in Europe?

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