Hello, Hanoi!

We’ve only been in Hanoi for about 36 hours, but I’ve already eaten some absolutely amazing food!

Our first meal, obtained from a cart down the street from our hotel, was a kebab sandwich with shredded cabbage, cucumber, onions, and tomato.  These are available all over the city for a little less than a dollar, and they are delicious as well as filling.


Bread is one of my favorite foods, and something I really missed during our time in Thailand.  However, baguettes are cheap and plentiful here! This sandwich features fried eggs with onion and herbs, on a nice crusty roll.  With a cup of strong Vietnamese coffee, it was an amazing breakfast.


I spent a lot of time in Thailand craving cupcakes, but fortunately they are readily available from the bakeries here.  This one was incredibly cute, but the flavor left a little to be desired…


3 Responses to “Hello, Hanoi!”

  1. 1 Bob March 16, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Catie, What a great way to travel. I recently came back from Vietnam and I ended in Hanoi. Will you be going south. If so, there is one place you need to visit — read about it in my blog (back2vietnam@blogspot.com) or see the friends tab at http://www.st-paul-hue.com. Please reply to my email bobstar101@gmail.com. I would really like to hear your comments on Vietnam.

  2. 2 Donna Rose Houchen March 17, 2009 at 7:10 am


    Just found your blog and I LOVE IT!!

    It’s so fun to read…really fun…and is informative and has great pictures and comments. It’s really terrific.

    One of my all-time favorites is Thai Iced Tea and Thai Iced Coffee.
    I look for it everywhere and have my favorite places.

    The food looks so good everywhere you’ve been, but no way would I do any bug crap! You think you’re on an episode of Fear Factor!!

    I’m so excited for you two touring Asia and indulging your senses
    in something completely different. Have so much fun.

    xoxo, Auntie Donna

  3. 3 Bob March 17, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    please change my blog address to back2vietnam.blogspot.com and if you are going to Hue or Saigon, let me know.

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